Move from chaotic to predictable.

If your SAP launch processes are organized chaos, Winshuttle can help. We provide the software and expertise to transform the mayhem into streamlined, digitized processes.

Rely on your process

We help you build efficient, dependable processes so you can plan your resources and have confidence that you’ll meet launch dates.

Scale up, without additional hours or headcount

Net new products, plant extensions, component changes. The scale of work is unprecedented and growing.
With efficient, digitized processes, your existing team can execute more launches without working crazy hours. That means less time running around like a headless chicken, less burnout, and happier people.

Quickly meet different process needs

Need a different launch process by region, or product category? Winshuttle provides easy-to-use tools for your team to map out new processes, without having to get into the long IT queue for help.

Don’t let critical tasks fall through the cracks

Each new product launch is complex with a ton of moving parts, so it’s not surprising that sometimes the ball gets dropped. Digitize your process with Winshuttle and keep track of all your critical tasks, such as packaging creation and sourcing raw materials—in addition to getting essential product data into your systems.

Stay on track with at-a-glance launch status

If you’re spending hours each day tracking down launch status and trying to identify bottlenecks, we have the solution.

We’ll help you build dashboards to quickly determine how your launch is progressing, and give you the power to drill down into the details to find problem areas and reallocate resources to meet deadlines.

What’s included

Winshuttle’s New Product Introduction solution is more than just software. We come to the table with expert professional services and industry best practices to get you on the fast track to speedier, more successful product launches.

How it works

We’ll work with your team to customize a digitized workflow for your specific launch processes. No technical programming skills are needed, so you don’t have to rely on IT to make changes to your process as business evolves.