The answer to your governance and administration needs

Winshuttle User Governance™ provides the proper controls, security and traceability needed to deploy Winshuttle solutions across the organization. In addition to adhering to standard SAP controls, security profiles and audit trails, User Governance provides additional controls and auditing for the interaction of Winshuttle’s products with SAP to meet SOX and corporate governance policies.


Governance, risk, and compliance best practices require complete traceability of data entered into and data downloaded from SAP. Winshuttle User Governance provides the ideal integration and control point between Winshuttle, SAP and Microsoft products and works with your IT system to offer the following capabilities: 

  • Governance and control for the interaction of Winshuttle products with SAP 

  • Streamline user set-up, and establish policies to control and limit activities 

  • Utilize dashboards to highlight the activities of staff interacting with data 

  • Centralized license management to minimize administrative overhead in larger deployments 

  • Centralized logging, template and script repository 

User Governance activity dashboard

User Governance activity dashboard 

User Governance policies

User Governance policies 


What deployment options are available for User Governance?

User Governance is available on-premise, and requires a SharePoint environment. However, Windows SharePoint Services, which is freely available for Windows Server, is adequate for deploying User Governance 

How does it work?

User Governance provides additional governance and control via the SharePoint platform, which delivers native integration to Microsoft products including Active Directory, Excel, and SharePoint. User Governance can be deployed to a new or existing SharePoint environment. The minimum requirement is Windows SharePoint Services, which is the basic version of SharePoint available for Windows Server. 

Can User Governance be deployed without SharePoint?

User Governance is built on the SharePoint foundation and therefore requires a SharePoint environment. However, Windows SharePoint Services, which is freely available for Windows Server is adequate for deploying User Governance. 

What is the impact on SAP of installing User Governance?

User Governance is separate from SAP. Clients handle all communication to and from SAP as they also do with the node-locked versions of Transaction and Query. User Governance can be deployed without any modifications to SAP. 

What is the format of the audit logs?

All User Governance audit reports can be viewed in a browser or they can be exported to Excel spreadsheets. 

Are multi-step approval workflows possible?

The standard User Governance workflows support one-step approval processes. These workflows can be decoupled and replaced by custom workflows that include multi-step approvals and/or facilitate multiple data contributors. 

How does User Governance affect SAP performance?

User Governance is a completely separate environment without any direct communications with SAP. Hence, deploying User Governance has no direct impact on the SAP system. In fact, by allowing IT to create usage policies for Winshuttle users, User Governance can help minimize the load on the SAP system during peak hours of operation. 

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